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  1. Jack

    Dhrpg Revival! Official Discord Server

    We are planning to bring DHRPG back up on it's feet. If you'd like to contribute or just be there for the support we'd love to have people come keep us company.
  2. Jack

    Dhrpg Re Opening.

    Hello fellow players, We are currently looking for staff members who can either maintain this website or someone who can work on the server's hero system. If you would like to help out please pm me your skype id and I will contact you as soon as possible. We will be working to get DHRPG back up...
  3. Jack

    Format Staff Application Format

    ======================================================================== You must have at least 500 words or more, not counting the questions. Please do not ask any staff members to look at your application, if so it will be instantly denied. In-game name and Real Name? (Not your Nickname)...