Denied Staff Application

In-game name and Real Name? IGN=WindThunderStorm Real Name= Enzo Barbosa
Age? 20yrs
What Languages other than English do you speak? Portugues, and I understand Spanish.
Any previous server bans? I never got banned.
Why have you decided to apply? I want to apply so I can help new players to understand the Hero plugin.
How long have you played on DragonHeart RPG? I played a few months ago and had to stop then I joined back 4 days ago.
What timezone do you live in? GMT+1:00
How many hours a day are you on? normally 4-6
Do you have Teamspeak and Skype? yes
Do you have any experience with server Moderation? I Know most of the commands on Hero plugin and normal server commands and I can easily understand other commands in minecraft as long as I study them a bit.
Had any name changes?
What makes you stand out what and motivates you to be staff? What makes me Stand out is the fact that even if I'm not staff I still help players to understand the hero plugin (classes, skills, basic strategy, lvl, etc...), and I want to join the staff so players know they can ask me for help whit no problems.
What does being a staff member mean to you? For me being a staff member means that I'm ready to help both players and owner and other staff members on anything they need, for example for player: The new players normally don't know how to use the hero plugin, and they need help, they ask how to play whit the hero plugin and normally they are going to ask the staff for information, and if anyone of the staff doesn't say anything to them while they are on the player wont like it (but then again it I didn't see it happening here, but still) and when a player goes to their aid they will accept it, but if the new player might not even trust what the other player says because he is not a staff member. And also the staff members have to help the players maintain the server rules so that no one has any kind of problem, for example: there had been players spamming nun-stop, so a member of the staff will give them a warning to stop, if they don't stop the staff member normally mutes them so that the other players don't need to worry on the chat spam and can continue to play normally. Now personally even if I get staff ill still will play normally, grind exp whit my mob farms, make my redstone machines, my auto mellon and pumpkin farm, and make my faction house whit my friends and go to the mob arena like I always do, but if someone needs help ill gladly help them but I will never use creative to build (unless its the owner house or the warp or spawn) and I hate when the staff on other servers go give items to player out of drop partys because they get op items to soon and then it stops being fun to play, so I wont allow players to ask the staff for op items, (but I do feel you need to put /kit food on the server because on the rpg I already died of hunger). Also the staff usually get heard by the owner more easily and give more suggestions, this is my suggestion to make the RPG world a bit more interesting and I would like if you give me your opinion even if I don't get in the to be a staff member. Why don't you make a story line that tells the players how the war on good and evil started, for example, you make two NPCs that will be the brothers (the good brother and the evil brother), and the player makes the tutorial quest line (to know how to play as a hero and gets to have a good start) and after that you make the player choose one of the brothers quest line, from there the player will know the story side from one brother and know why he ends up on the war against his own brother, and just to make it more fun when the player ends the quest line of one the brothers he gets to choose go to pvp server to continue his journey or pick a new hero path and restart the quest line to be able to se the other brother quest line.

Sorry if my essay is not that good but I am dyslexic and I'm Portuguese, also this is the first essay I ever did and I'm happy was able to make the 500 words :D
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Denied, but only for reapplication later. Server in a bit of a weird spot ATM. Play on it for a while and reapply.