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Rediscovered this server. It's funny because it seems like when I was younger I caused trouble, was banned, then tried to appeal it.
@stevecat should we make a vote on reseting the entire world or no? The entire world is basically a mess and we need a reset.
Stevecat, omg i cant believe we meet again i am former 'Super-Mod' xRapidzZ. I think i remember you as 'DjChef', anyway i will be playing again asap hope your going well. I joined Dh, in 2011, i was only 9 and was a 'super mod'. I remember the staff iceman3, and fearedbk, i think it was feared.
Anyway, hope you reply good day!.

My new account is 'AussieMiners'
May I ask why my base in nether got deleted?
It was above bedrock true, but you were there and said nothing, and btw there is no rule against glitches.

Edit: If you insist that is had to be deleted, may I at least get back my 2 nether stars pls?