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DHRPG is a Hardcore PVP / RPG Minecraft Server with Classes and Races. You can level up and gain skills and more! Join a faction, or create your own and take on the world! TNT and Raiding oh my!

Hello. And Bye.
Welcome to DHRPG v3!

Under Construction: Read the updates Currently as there are lots of new features including map encryption, more anti griefing protection will not be outside of spawn. The DynMap is also offline until a new version is updated.

This thread's purpose is to give players new to Heroes a detailed tutorial. If you are unfamiliar with Heroes, I suggest reading the whole thing.

Choosing a Hero

There are 5 different 'Starter' Heroes, that are commonly referred to as 'Tier 1s'. They each represent a unique style of gameplay. For more detailed information regarding each Hero, click on the names, and explore their Specialties, or as most people call them, Specs.



Don't forget, at the bottom of each Hero page, their Tier 2s, or Specs, are listed. The aim of Tier 2s is to explore the diversity of a Tier 1. For example, Rogues are generally mobile, have high damage / crits, and are skilled with blades. The current 3...
DH got a new spawn! Mad props to Team Voxel for the build!
Currently Stevecat is working on:
mcMMO player stats on website
Coding up the Dragon mounting plugin
Coding a Tutorial
Coding Quests
Coding Heroes Classes
Coding NPC Guards
If you know anyone that is a builder (preferably building with commands) or staff, let Stevecat know.

Soon with a Hub proxy:
Creative, Prison and RPG ( Good Vs Evil PVP )
Im pleased to announce our partnership with Provigen Network Solution! Mad props to them for allowing us to use their subdomain name. They are a knowledgeable provider of VPN, Shared Hosting, Docker and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures, IAAS(MyNet), NAAS (PackNet), and Programs as a service (SoftStream). Of course because we are using their network domain, our website can't be DDoSed. Nomore TeamSpeak going down because of DDoS attacks