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DHRPG is a Hardcore PVP / RPG Minecraft Server with Classes and Races. You can level up and gain skills and more! Join a faction, or create your own and take on the world! TNT and Raiding oh my!

Welcome to DHRPG!

Under Construction due to the new 14.4 update: Currently as there are lots of new features including map encryption, more anti griefing protection will not be outside of spawn. The DynMap is also offline until a new version is updated. This thread's purpose is to give players new to Heroes a detailed tutorial. If you are unfamiliar with Heroes, I suggest reading the whole thing.

Choosing a Hero

There are 5 different 'Starter' Heroes, that are commonly referred to as 'Tier 1s'. They each represent a unique style of gameplay. For more detailed information regarding each Hero, click on the names, and explore their Specialties, or as most people call them, Specs.



Don't forget, at the bottom of each Hero page, their Tier 2s, or Specs, are listed. The aim of Tier 2s is to explore the diversity of a Tier 1. For example, Rogues are generally mobile, have high damage / crits, and are skilled with blades. The current 3 Specs of Rogue delve into those 3 things and make them something Unique.

Once you've found a Hero you think you would like to play, type

/hero choose...
DH got a new spawn! Mad props to Team Voxel for the build!
Currently Stevecat is working on:
mcMMO player stats on website
Coding up the Dragon mounting plugin
Coding a Tutorial
Coding Quests
Coding Heroes Classes
Coding NPC Guards
If you know anyone that is a builder (preferably building with commands) or staff, let Stevecat know.

Soon with a Hub proxy:
Creative, Prison and RPG ( Good Vs Evil PVP )
Im pleased to announce our partnership with Provigen Network Solution! Mad props to them for allowing us to use their subdomain name. They are a knowledgeable provider of VPN, Shared Hosting, Docker and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures, IAAS(MyNet), NAAS (PackNet), and Programs as a service (SoftStream). Of course because we are using their network domain, our website can't be DDoSed. Nomore TeamSpeak going down because of DDoS attacks
New Server IP and World reset!
IP: mc.provgn.com:25565

Our mission is to create A multi user PVP world filled with Dungeons, PVP, Guilds, and Raiding!
DHRPG is as much as possible, within the confines of Minecraft, in an effort to custom create a world which will be the stage for a enjoying server. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times. To accomplish this we use online forums ,this wiki , a dynamic map , teamspeak , a custom launcher , in addition to hundreds of online resources that we use to learn as much as possible about the world we are building. Most importantly, we are a community of people dedicated to both our loves for Minecraft and the Dragonheart Text Based Multi User Dungeon, and use this project as a way to explore our relevant interests.

Over the years we found that we were slowly pushing the limits of what a traditional Minecraft game could handle, and decided we needed to develop our own launcher in order to handle our constantly growing needs. A launcher is a program designed to 'launch' an application, such as Minecraft. As long as you have a legal copy of the Minecraft game, you should be able to use our launcher without issue. You can purchase a digital copy of Minecraft here . The launcher enables us to expand our inventory of custom blocks, provide everyone with easy-access to our custom texture pack, and to be able to implement roleplaying elements into the game which could otherwise not exist.

When can I roleplay on the map?
At present, since the absent of plugin updates to the latest minecraft version, (1.13.1) and deciding that since we want to take advantage of all the new map features encluding encryption, we will start with a new random 1.13.1 world. So bear with us for the moment because our spawn is brand new and hand built without the use of commands. Within 10 blocks is the wild where you can build your home. Our...