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Hello guys, today I am writing this message because this issue is getting ridiculous.

I'm aware that there are many ways to glitch money in to the server, I find this unfair. Today as of 11 of October, I went on the server and see that someone had over a billion. Now, glitch abusing isn't allowed, therefore if anyone gains a lot of profit by the glitch I'll remove the abundant amount of money they have. I find this unfair to the other players of the server and I'm going to take action.

Hello there, as you all might know the xp that mobs gives are nerfed af. it makes no sense.

Zombies: 8 xp

skeletons: 10xp

for example i need 1874 xp to get lvl 24. imagine how much mobs i will have to kill. This needs to be solved.

The old xp was fine, 40 xp skeletons 30 zombies. we cant level like up like that :/
Removed the Entity locking plugin on the PVP Server