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  1. stevecat
    stevecat Jack
    Hey are you able to login to your box
  2. stevecat
    stevecat ladiciuss
    Hey you there?
  3. stevecat
    Added craftbook mechanics for gates, bridges and elevators
  4. stevecat
  5. stevecat
    Now cracked
  6. stevecat
  7. atank
    Hey guys. anyone still playing?
  8. Jack
    Jack MRJSN
    Do you use any social apps like skype?
  9. dremorabrisco
    Rediscovered this server. It's funny because it seems like when I was younger I caused trouble, was banned, then tried to appeal it.
  10. atank
    @stevecat should we make a vote on reseting the entire world or no? The entire world is basically a mess and we need a reset.
  11. Aussie
  12. Aussie
    Aussie stevecat
    Stevecat, omg i cant believe we meet again i am former 'Super-Mod' xRapidzZ. I think i remember you as 'DjChef', anyway i will be playing again asap hope your going well. I joined Dh, in 2011, i was only 9 and was a 'super mod'. I remember the staff iceman3, and fearedbk, i think it was feared.
    Anyway, hope you reply good day!.

    My new account is 'AussieMiners'
  13. stevecat
    End and nether were reset, they were too griefed @TRON
  14. TRON
    TRON stevecat
    May I ask why my base in nether got deleted?
    It was above bedrock true, but you were there and said nothing, and btw there is no rule against glitches.

    Edit: If you insist that is had to be deleted, may I at least get back my 2 nether stars pls?
  15. TRON
    Many winters will pass till humans will be worth them
  16. atank
    Why am I banned?
  17. atank
    atank WhyteDuck
    Hi, Can you get on the chat?
  18. atank
    Someone is Trying to hack into Stevecats account D:!
  19. atank
  20. MRJSN
    Moderator on the forums.
    1. WhyteDuck
      Congrats ;p
      Nov 21, 2016