1. stevecat

    New Spawn

    DH got a new spawn! Mad props to Team Voxel for the build! Currently Stevecat is working on: mcMMO player stats on website Coding up the Dragon mounting plugin Coding a Tutorial Coding Quests Coding Heroes Classes Coding NPC Guards If you know anyone that is a builder (preferably building with...
  2. stevecat

    Welcome To Dragonheart V3!

    New Server IP and World reset! IP: mc.provgn.com:25565 Our mission is to create A multi user PVP world filled with Dungeons, PVP, Guilds, and Raiding! DHRPG is as much as possible, within the confines of Minecraft, in an effort to custom create a world which will be the stage for a enjoying...
  3. stevecat

    Official Dhpvp Texturepack

  4. stevecat

    New Class! Wraith!

    +Dmg +Armor -Spells. Tier 4 ChaosAssassin/Dreadknight. name: Wraith description: +Dmg +Armor -Spells. Tier 4 ChaosAssassin/Dreadknight. user-class: true default: false primary: true secondary: false parents: strong: - Archer weak: permitted-armor: - ALL permitted-weapon: -...
  5. stevecat

    Some More EyeCandy

    Introducing the new DHPVP Mini Games Server
  6. stevecat


    You can now Auction off your UBER GEAR!!!! Commands