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    Welcome to the Advanced tutorial. This tutorial's aim is to go over some commands / functionality that was skipped in the starter's tutorial.

    First, we'll start with an important technique; Binding.
    As you know from the first tutorial, you can type /bind [skillname] to bind a skill to an item. But there's more to the command than just this.

    /bind [skillname] -to

    When '-to' is added onto a bind command, the skill will only target Others. This means it cannot be used accidentally on yourself.

    /bind [skillname] -ts
    Adversely, when '-ts' is added, the skill will target only Yourself.

    /bind [skillname] -tp
    And finally, when '-tp' is added, the skill will target only Party Members, and not yourself or others not in your party.

    Practical use of this information would be as follows:

    You're a Priest, looking to bind Pray to Party Members, but also realize sometimes you need to Self Pray. In this situation, you can either leave it unspecified and leave room for accidents, or, bind a Stick with
    /bind Pray -ts
    and bind a Book with
    /bind Pray -tp
    This will guarantee your Prays go to where you want them, by using two different item slots.

    Beyond that, it's up to you what you use your newfound knowledge for.


    Parties are an essential part of any RPG server. Hero Parties grant XP Share, deny PVP between Party Members, and are required for certain Skills to work.

    In order to invite someone to your Party, type
    /party invite [PlayerName]

    Then, the invitee can either type /party accept [Inviter's Name] or click 'Accept' in the chat window. To leave a Party, you can type
    /party leave


    The Heroes plugin brings loads of RPG elements into Minecraft. One of these is simple in theory: Team Composition. What is meant by this is the Roles a Party contains. For example, Assassin is a squishy high damage Hero, meant for the DPS Role. Having a Party of 3 of these would be really good, right? It's so much damage!
    The answer is no. A team of Assassins would get destroyed by any Tanky composition. A good team composition is key to winning fights and dungeons. Generally, a composition of a Healer, Tank, and DPS is the most balanced. So, replacing one Assassin with a Titan, and replacing another Assassin with an Angel, would lead to a far superior composition, as each role is adequately covered; Titan is a Tank, Assassin is a DPS, and Angel is a Support. So, when picking a Specialized Tier 2 Hero, make sure you understand the Role it's meant for.

    One last random thing;

    /hero sidebar

    Using this command, you can customize the window to the right of your screen, that shows your hero information. There are 4 modes; Showing both hero info and party info, showing just party info, showing just hero info, and showing none. Typing the command brings up the options you can use. Useful if you want to only display Party info, so you can keep track of your Party's HP.

    And now you're done! You know nearly everything there is to Heroes.

    Good luck!


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