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    in-game name: Stefan0406

    Name (optional): Stefan de Jong

    Age: 14 (Almost 15 and 14 doesnt mean that i cant build good) (I become 15, 18 June)

    Time playing minecraft:Been Since Beta 1.3

    Time playing on this server: A year and a few months

    Do you have any previous experience as a minecraft mod/admin?: Yes I got my own server and have been admin on 5 diffrent servers

    Why do you want to become a staff member?: Casue id love to help and create things to make the server better!
    Im inventing some machines with redstone and I can think up with alot of cool stuff! Such as story's adventures and Quests!

    How can you contribute to the server as a staff member?: I can help with building with good plugins and with catching griefers/hackers and other people who are breaking the rules

    What plugins and commands are you familiar with? World Edit, SideKick Faction Towny

    How often do you play minecraft?24/6 In weekends 24/15

    Provide a list of players that can vouch for you and get them to reply to your application. Techmystery, rejcops, doomdragon, Lorpax, eposx

    Do you have ventrilo? And how often can you be online. No but i always come to this server to play.. So if there is anything i can help with then Ask me i help! :D

    Im just a Minecraft player like everyone! But i want to learn and help! Thats why i want to be a helper! Stevecat, i asked you if you
    needed a Hunger Games arena remember? Im good with making stuff and i surely want to make one for you! It will go easyer with the plugin but thats not the point. I want to help the server as much as i can! I dont even care if i need to clean the toilets!
    I just want to help and make things better! I got experience with some plugins and I am realy good with thinking up tales!
    Rejcops, Techmystery, Doomdragon, Lorpax and eposx are my team of friends and we go on a adventure sometimes!
    And i think up with a story line. Quests and special happenings! And thats alot of fun! I will organize special events if you want too casue i can!
    Id like to help you!


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