Setting Home In The Maze.


I have recently noticed that there's a few problems with the maze.
1. You can set home in the maze.
2. This then creates a problem for Staff Members.

Here is an example of me setting home in the maze. This is a example on how i can abuse that. (I removed.)

This is a person who has set home in the end of the maze and kept claiming the prize, you may ask; how do i know this? Well, it will only allow you to teleport through the maze once every 3 seconds. And this guy took around 5 to complete it fully again.
bug 2.PNG

He claims that he never set home. I could of looked into this further but i don't have the permissions/powers to do so *YET*, i would of checked his homes and kicked him for the suspicion of setting home at the end of the maze. Him setting home would allow him to get stacks of diamonds in a matter of minutes.

bug 3.PNG

Here he asked me to check his homes, but i don't have any commands to do so yet. Otherwise i would of looked into the issue further.

bug 4.PNG

ImNotANub said that he tp'd to his "friend" racer123678, but when i asked racer123678 when he was last in the maze, and he replied with "and maze?" implying that he never knew what the maze was. ImNotANub mysteriously before this said "10 min ago ?", in hopes that racer would back him up.

bug 5.PNG

ImNotANub then says that he didn't tp, which he implied that did tp in the first place. His reply: "noooppe hahhaa". This basically caught him out. He has sethome in the maze and i would of handled the situation myself, but i don't have any powers yet.

He then admitted to doing it.
I said i would of punished him accordingly but i don't have the commands yet.
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