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    Welcome to my official guide on towns! This guide will hopefully teach you the basics of towny, keeping your residents satisfied, and simply making your town the best! It is worth reading for both newbies and experienced Dragonheart players, as I have much experience being the mayor of Skaldcraft (2nd most popular town in Dragonheart by population in June)

    Towny can be a confusing plugin for those who are new to DHRPG and aren't familiar with the plugin. With this guide, towny will be explained in full depth and hopefully help those of you new to the plugin understand!

    Starting a Town

    To start a town, all you need is 5000 Gold! Gold can be acquired very easily (see our guide on money-making) and you should have enough to start a town in no time. Although it only costs 5000 Gold to create a town, I highly recommend you have more for future town claims and daily upkeeps. In the two towns I have started, I usually like to have around 8,000-10,000 Gold in the bank to start with. This will allow you to to claim several chunks of land for future residents to build on. Before I start my town, I like to have the spawn point built, but that is only personal preferance. Once you have enough Gold and open land to build on, you are ready to create your town. To create your town, stand on your desired town spawn point, and simply type, "/t new insertdesiredtownnamehere." Remember, you can always change your spawn point by typing "/t set spawn" and the town name by typing "/t name inserttownnamehere." Now that you have your town created, its time to deposit money into the town bank.

    Daily Upkeeps and Town Claims

    As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to have 8000-10,000 Gold before I create a town. This is helpful because you can get right to claiming town chunks after you have named it. For each town claim, towny adds 2 Gold to your daily town upkeep, so make sure you have enough in the town bank to pay taxes. To deposit money in the bank, do "/t deposit insertamountofGoldhere." Any town resident can deposit, but only you and town co-mayors can withdraw. To withdraw Gold from the town bank, type "/t withdraw insertamountofGoldhere".

    Finding Plots/Claiming Land

    Finding plots can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it it is very simple. There are two ways to "find" your plots. One way is using coordinates (which is tricky and I don't recommend), or typing "/res toggle plotborder." What this command essentially does is find the border of your town chunks and outlines them with smoke. This command is extremely helpful and the easiest way to find your plots. Each town claim is 350 Gold, so make sure your town can afford town claims. To claim land for the town, type "/t claim". If you wish to put this chunk of land for sale, do "/plot fs insertpriceofchunkhere". Keep in mind that all town claims need to be connected or else you might get a message like "Selected area not attached to edge." Like I said, this can be tricky. But with practice and experience, you will get the hang of it in no time.

    Town Outposts

    Ever want to claim town land far away from your town spawn? Then a town outpost is the answer! Town outposts allow you to claim land and sell plots in a different area than where your town is located. Residents can get to your town outpost by typing "/t outpost." If you have several outposts, residents can access them with "/t outpost(1) or /t outpost (2)." Outposts cost 7500 Gold. When making an outpost, try to stay very distant from other towns and town outposts, for that can be very frustrating for other town mayors.

    Getting Residents to Join Your Town

    When I was mayor of Lake Park back in June, I was able to get over 500 residents (#2 Town by population behind Aquatys) in a three week period. How did I do it? There are many tricks to getting town residents. Whenever you see a message in global chat like "Okachoobe needs a town! Town owners be sure to invite!" ... you need to take advantage of it. Every time I would see that message pop up, I got into habit where I would invite them as fast as I possibly could. Not only am I a fast typer, but when I was assistant in St.Darkport, simonjo2 and I would always joke around and see who would invite the person to the town faster (simon always won at first, but with practice I beat him every time). This is one of the main reasons how I managed to acquire 500 residents in Lake Park in a time period of three weeks. If you want many residents, you need to be friendly. If you are an ignorant, non-helpful mayor, residents will leave your town and find another one. Be as helpful and kind as possible to residents, it pays off. Also try to make a user-friendly spawn area. If your town spawn area is messy and disorganized, residents will be confused and impatient. With these tips, your town will be booming with residents in no time. (1 Residents = Settlement, 2-3 Residents = Hamlet, 4-7 Residents = Village, 8-10 Residents = Large Village, 11-14 Residents = Town, 15-18 Residents = Large Town, 19-23 Residents = City, 24-28 Residents = Large City, 29+ Residents = Metropolis).

    Picking Town Staff

    You need to be extremely careful when picking town staff. Know your residents well before promoting them to a higher town position. Town assistants can build/mine anywhere in the town, so trust that your town assistants don't take advantage of that. Co-Mayors have all the commands and permissions you have, including withdrawing money from the town bank, so pick Co-Mayors wisely (there can be more than one Co-Mayor).

    Portal Hub Portals

    Portal Hub portals that lead to your town are an easy way for other DHRPG players to view your town your town and for new residents who aren't familiar with the "/t spawn" command to access your town. DHRPG offers two types of Portal Hub town portals, the regular town portals, and the established town portals. The regular town portals require 15 residents and cost 1000 Gold for non-donators, and 500 for donators. The established town portals, however, are much harder to earn and are much more unique than the regular town portals. To get an established portal, an admin has to review your town to see if it fits the following requirements. The town must have 30 residents. Those 30 residents must own a plot with a built home. It must be organized with an active staff, and the town size needs to be 100 plots. If an admin approves, he will give you permission to build on an established portal plot. These portals cost 4000 Gold for non-donators, and 2000 Gold for donators. Portals are highly recommended for your town!


    Taxes are a way your town earns money! To set a tax for your town, simply type "/t set taxes insertamountperdayhere." There are two types of taxes, regular taxes and percent taxes. Percent taxes are risky, however it does have its benefits. Percent taxes prevent residents from being kicked from your town, which is helpful if you are trying to gain residents but still earn some income daily. If you were to do percent taxes, however, you need to be very careful how you set them. When I do percent taxes in my towns, I usually make them 1%. This prevents residents from being kicked and doesn't take too much of their balance.

    That wraps up my guide on towns! I hope it helps very much and makes you more familiar with the towny plugin. Follow this advice and your town will surely be the best in DHRPG! Thanks so much for reading!
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by stevecat, May 13, 2017.

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