TriggerHappy's Ban Apeal (Essay)



NAME:TriggerHappy (USE YOUR MINECRAFT NAME! Include Capital letters and digits if present)
REASON FOR BEING BANNED:Harrassing people Who harrass me (Refrain from extra information and profanity so the reason is clear)
PEOPLE INVOLVED:theblackitalian,rocalin,stevecat (Admins, Players, VIP's)
TIME/DATE:[day]08/[month]06/[year]2012 (Try to give best estimate if not known)

I think I would be a great moderator. I am very helpful and try to be as nice as possible. The server would greatly benefit from me because no server can have too many mods, as long as not everyone is a mod. Most people know me, so I am a good choice. The community works with Admins, then Helper-mods, then PVP-mods, then Cool-mods, then regulars, then defaults (I am a regular at this time). The community would benefit greatly from me becoming a moderator. I am very experienced with Minecraft, and would like to share my knowledge with anyone. I love to help people. To me, helping others is more fun than doing something by myself. I am good at showing people the basics of Minecraft servers, and helping them if they have any question or reasonable request. I will be nice and thoughtful, but strict to Hackers as well as spammers. This is why I think I would be a great moderator...I have been on this server for long time. And i LOVE it and i think the server would be better with me as a moderator because i am very helpful and nice to everyone (though i had some trouble with Some people but were all good now and im not mean to anyone anymore) and I do anything for someone if they need help an ill try my best to do so Please read carefully and approve if you think i would be a good Moderator

(Around 400 words)